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“I TOO” is a series of efforts we need to put forth to support our tender brains to stand straight with their own uniqueness. The perception of “I TOO” module is to inspire, boost, confidence among young students to go ahead facing the challenges of day to day life with the preparation of surpassing the several milestones yet to come.


  • To introduce the unique pattern of imparting basic life skills in the young kids of today.
  • Taking corrective measures for habit formation to outstand with confidence,
  • To help students explore their potential and discover own self.
  • To provide students the ultimate confidence and consistent training pertaining to grooming.
  • To provide the students a special personal touch by keeping an eye on their progress by evaluating their performances and provide counseling whenever needed to face teen age confusions.

The children will earn and enhance their own self through:

  • I-STAGE (talent shows, drama, skits, film appreciations, singing, storytelling, etc.)
  • I-SOCIAL (participating social as well as environmental awareness programs)
  • I-COMPETE (quiz comp, debate, elocution comp. etc)
  • I-CLUB (team building activities, event associating teams)
  • I-SPORTS/TALENT (non-conventional games, indoor as well as outdoor games)

The rationale behind this endeavor is the recognition of the multifaceted potential of the students. The objective of I-PERSONA is to bring about enhancement in the personality with regard to the different behavioral dimensions that have far reaching significance in the direction of individual’s effectiveness.

I-PERSONA includes activities that in prove awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

At the level of individual, I-PERSONA includes the following activities which will be conducted in & out of class room environment:

  • I-mproving self-awareness
  • I-mproving self-knowledge
  • I-dentity renewing
  • I-gniting hidden strengths
  • I-dentifying potential
  • I-mproving social abilities

Students will have the learning experience in & out of the classroom environment to develop their skills under the umbrella of:

  • I-Unique (Activities encouraging their thought process like Think out of the box)
  • I-Stage (Nourishing their presence of mind like extempore)
  • I-Brain (Different activities to increase their knowledge through quiz etc.)
  • I-Analyze (Increasing their observation & perception power)

“I” is the map which will guide the tough roads that lays head of our very talented students. The purpose of the launch of “I” dept are as follows

  • To introduce a unique pattern of imparting soft skills in the youth of today’s generation.
  • To make the whole syllabus activities and interactions oriented to enhance the students’ interest and expectations.
  • To provide students the ultimate satisfaction & confidence which they expect while undergoing sessions pertaining to personality grooming.
  • To help explore the students the importance of their own hidden potentials & undiscovered own self.
  • Learning from the past experiences, taking corrective measures


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