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ALUMNI: 'SHIKHAR The Pinnacle'

The Alumni Association of all the Shannen/ Sapphire Schools under the flagship of JC Group, Shikhar…the Pinnacle, is targeted at the growth & development of its students to help them reach the top through various programs & events which JC Group would be sponsoring from time to time for its passed-out students.

The Alumni network provides a common platform to the passed-out & present students, the teaching staff & concerned associates. Key activities include various Career Development Programs, career services, education & job fairs, conferences, workshops, various short-term projects & special events discounts. It's an extensive platform for knowledge-experience sharing & networking opportunities.

All passed-out students will be automatically members of Shikhar…........the Pinnacle.

Why the Alumni Association?

  • Networking:Connect with fellow alumni who share your academic background and professional interests. Our association hosts regular networking events, both in-person and online, where you can expand your professional network.
  • Mentorship: Give back to the school by mentoring current students or seeking guidance from more experienced alumni. Mentorship programs are a cornerstone of our association's activities.
  • Career Development: Access job listings, career resources, and workshops to help you further your career. Our alumni often play a crucial role in helping each other advance in their respective fields.
  • Social and Cultural Events: Join us for reunions, social gatherings, and cultural events. These occasions provide an excellent opportunity to relive old-memories and create new ones.
  • Contributions to Shannen School / JC Group: Your involvement can help enhance the reputation and resources of Shannen School.
  • Your valuable input and contributions can make a significant difference in shaping the future of our institution.
  • For sharing a common platform for knowledge & experience sharing
  • For boosting the network of students- teachers & concerned associates
  • For Corporate Linkages
  • As a stress-relieve booster by developing links with school mates & friends

Alumni Events & Programs

  • Conferences, Talk-shows by Corporate Speakers & Seminars
  • Full-day/ One-week modular Workshops
  • Soft-skills training by Corporate Trainers
  • Alumni of the Year Award
  • Musical Evenings/ DJ Party/ Get-together

Benefits & Services

  • Education & job-fairs
  • Newsletters, Articles & experience sharing
  • Outplacement Services
  • Career Counselling


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