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Pre School

Pre-primary education is defined as the initial stage of organized instruction, designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment, that is, to provide a bridge between home and a school-based atmosphere.

We, Shannen kids cater to

  • The specific needs of young learners in a safe and nurturing family environment.
  • Build good character, cultivate imagination and develop the motivation to learn.
  • Provides a gentle atmosphere where children can learn to feel secure in their first experience in a group setting, the classroom.

We make teaching more lively and interesting.

  • We teach languages, mathematics, social studies etc through a series of activities like games, songs, free play, gardening, construction activities etc.
  • The learning is not just limited to cognitive development, but also for the overall development of the child.
  • A few methods and techniques included in this method are Role plays, Projects; Theme based learning, Field trips, Puppetry etc.

At our schools we also follow some level of formal learning as well, to ensure that the child is ready for the primary education.

To Nurture Early Learners

  • A well defined curriculum is extremely important, as the ages between the 2-6 years are probably the most important years in any individual's life.
  • One requires a state of the art curriculum that covers all aspects of the child's all round development.
  • So for the betterment of the child, Shannen Kid's has incorporated Singapore mapped curriculum with best practices from several early childhood philosophies drawing especially from the Montessori Method (in practice), and developmentally appropriate models in devising the comprehensive solution.
  • The curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Culture.

Age Criteria

Pre - Nursery 2-3 years
Nursery 3-4 years
J.KG. 4-5 years
S.KG. 5-6 years
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