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Schools Academy

Sports Academy

Play is essential part of life. The social, emotional, cognitive and physical well being of children begins in early childhood. Playing sports has many benefits like physical growth and development, building in stamina, developing eye hand coordination, self esteem and confidence.

In today’s technically advanced world children spend more time in front of TV, Computers and video games so we at Shannen Kids give equal importance to sports to help children to maintain balance in life.

Dance Academy

Dance is movement with beats and music. Dance helps to enhance physical and gross motor skills. It also helps to develop listening skills as well as eye and hand coordination.

Music Academy

Music is a therapy. The gift of learning music is lifelong and something very special. It is an effective powerful medium for our students for self exploration, self expression and turning into the innersole.

Art and Creation

Art and Drawing is one of the important parts of life as it helps children to express their feelings and understanding of the world. Art and Drawing not only provide the basis for other creative activities like painting, printing etc but it also helps in learning concepts of language and numbers.

Mother’s Academy

It will include sessions for the mothers to learn, to generate and be creative. The sessions of MOTHER’S ACADEMY would be held to help mothers indulge into creative and innovative activities when their children’s are busy with their sessions.

Innovative Programs

Broadcast Channel

Broadcast channel is an innovative programme started by JC Management to reach to all the parents. It encourages and gives a platform to the students at school level to boost up their confidence and communication skills.

D&T Lab

The best way of getting students to learn science by testing out scientific theories in a practical space with experiments, problem solving and project based activities being the crux of learning. D&T Lab is a perfect education supplement that provides student a practical learning experience through hands-on activities in Science and Technology.


Robotics provides a set a set of experience to the students and facilitates their development of knowledge, skills and attitude for the design, analysis, application and operation of robots. Students question, solve problems and design solutions that potentially have real world value.

Home Science Lab

Home science is a scientific course of study which moulds a student with a variety of life skills. This is a unique discipline with a blend of science and art irrespective of gender of Students.


Abacus leaning promotes the whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain using an innovative visual arithmetic program by utilizing the tool Abacus. It helps in learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately. Students aged 4-13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory concentration and problem solving skills that are crucial to success in all areas of study and in daily life.


Students learn a flexible, fluent and legible handwriting style which empowers them to write with confidence and creativity. In this session, students are provided resources and an environment which promotes good handwriting.

Heritage Club

This club is an attempt to encourage our students to discover the culture and heritage of our country and around. Students are monitored to protect and preserve our monuments and heritage sites. They are also led to visit heritage sites of our city and the state so that they feel related and proud of their country’s history.

Quizzes, competition are conducted as follow ups to help them get the information intact in their hearts and mind. Thus, Heritage Club has been given a corner of such priority that has to be followed sincerely as the responsible citizen of our nation.

Home Science Club

In today’s period every child wants to progress, migrate and become self dependent. Unless taught from the early years , the students are not able to catch up with sudden alteratioins of the world. Hence taking this into consideration our Home Science Club focuses on many activities like Juice Making, Buttoning, Stitching and Bandhani Print. Also Bouquet Making, Dining Etiquettes and Cooking without Fire is given preference.

The students come up excitedly in all these activities portraying their creativity different and unique from the others. For the sake of their further progress, they became enthusiastic all throughout.

Awakened Citizen Programme

It is a three years graded value education programme for students of grade VI to VIII developed by Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi. Teachers get training at Ahmedabad for preaching moral values to our students. We consider it a need of today as the children of today seem to be growing up stressed and confused. They are not able to face real life problems and hence are not able to make right choices.

Thus, our school in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi helps students to analyze and explore various real life situations with the help of role models. The students think, discuss and discover the consequences of various choices and get armed with the decision making framework of life. With the help of this programme, we enable our children to develop faith in them reshape values and make responsible choices.

Maths Buddy

It makes maths easy to understand by providing Clear, Spoken Explanations. It is short and to the point which engages students into the practices of the logics of calculations, improving the clarity and Focus too. The system is functional ie students can Pause, Rewind or Repeat a lesson hence, they learn much faster by Seeing and Hearing at the same time. It is one such platform where our students Learn without Stress at home in their own time and it is not time bound, students can Catch up on lessons missed or not fully understood a little later too. Yes, It is accessed from home too in fact from any device via the internet.

So students can practice anytime, anywhere and on any device! The most important is that it provides Parent Portal too. Parents get updated on the progress of their child.

Supplementary Reading

We have introduced Supplementary Reading for the students of I to V to make them independent readers. It engages them deeper within the books making the reading joyous, and also enhances their creativity. It also provides Reading Journal to keep a log of what they have read. Additionally it provides a Grammar Guide which teaches and makes students practice grammar concepts.

Thus, it loads itself with Thinking Questions, Writing Connections, Cross-Curricular Learning, Character Studies, Story Blocks Story Map, Word Study, Book Review, Geography Connections and what not and fulfills the goal of triggering the language acquisition process in children.

I-Social Club

To make students independent, presentable and socially mannered they are exposed to many different activities. They are groomed for their all-round development and are made to involve in the curricular activities outside the school too under I-Social Project. Drawing Competition and Nukkad Natika highlighting Swachhchata, importance of Wet & Dry Dustbins and Saying No to Plastics on Railway Station under the same were given the most work out as that is the basics to shape the child’s personality.

Thus the aim of this club is to guide the students to become responsible, moralists, cooperatives and above all develop unanimously. They are guided to learn to follow self discipline and become social competent. They are also made aware of the harsh realities of life by taking them to the short visits to orphanages and old age homes.

Synergy – A Book Swapping Library

A library plays an important role in creating a school culture, which helps every student to grow on their individual basis. ‘Synergy’ is a mobile library managed by students where in students exchange their books to each other in order to develop a skill of sharing and also to spread knowledge. Students may get a wide exposure to variety of books and get a chance to enhance their interest of reading.


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